Medium Cabas Chyc Tote - w/ optional strap at YSL boutiques

  1. I talked to a YSL SA at the Costa Mesa, CA boutique named Jeremie. I had wanted to get some background info on the Cabas Chyc. I told him I really liked the bag but am torn because I like the option of putting on my shoulder sometimes. He told me that for standard colors the boutique sells the medium size with an optional removable strap. He sent me photos of it and you can even wear it crossbody. Just wanted to let you guys know. I don't know what other colors also have the strap but black for sure. (Maybe brown?) Seasonal colors won't have this strap.

    Anyway, hope this helps you may any decision. I don't think department stores have it. It's only something special the boutiques provide. You can order through Jeremie at YSL Costa Mesa and he can have it shipped to you. It's the same price for the bag $1990. Also not sure if this strap can also be given for the large but you can ask him that too.

    Here's the number at the boutique: 1- (714) 429-0101

    Disclaimer - These photos are from him. I don't know how tall the other SA is in the photos carrying the bag. But I told him I was 5' 6" and he told me the medium would look the best.
    mediumcabas.jpg mediumcabas2.jpg
  2. Wow, thank you. The strap looks great on the med and it is a nice option to remove it entirely too!
  3. I agree! It totally helps in decision making. I will see how the bag looks in person this summer and will compare it to the mini size (which I am leaning towards now that I saw it in a previous thread).
  4. I just checked the website...the small chyc bags all have removable adjustable shoulder straps!

    I ought to get started on my YSL will take me a while :smile:
  5. Oh I just saw that. That must be the "mini" size that is in the other thread. The strap buckles are built into the bag. The medium size is larger and the strap goes on the little buckles for the handles.

    I agree though. Considering this mini or small size is coming up in lots of colors -- this is going to be dangerous to my wallet! :p
  6. I was complaining sometime ago with my SA how it annoyed to not to be able to carry the cabas handsfree. (and I guess they got a lot of complains on that..) and my SA lady suddenly took the strap from a museII on the shelf, and said, you can use this...just attach it to the handle rings... So I guess this was what they did on the new, shoulder-strapped cabas... Back then my large cabas didn't look good with a strap though.
  7. I LOVE the optional shoulder strap - that is going to make this bag that much more covetable!
  8. beautiful
  9. A local reseller has a YSL Cabas Chyc Medium in Dove Beige I've been meaning to get. However, it doesn't come with the Shoulder strap, I really want the strap :sad: is it possible for me to get the bag and just buy a strap later on?
  10. It's too bad seasonal colors won't have the strap!! I am such a seasonal colors person! Is it just me or is anyone else curious about the pink thing in the background?
  11. Hi coquettebags, you are lucky to have extra strap for medium chyc cabas, i purchased last july Dark magenta leather in macau but when i asked them if they can sell strap they told they dont have extra strap deliver to them, SA told maybe if i can buy in europe, they can have extra strap in europe store.
  12. Anyone knows how much is the medium cabas chyc bag in sheepskin retailing in netherlands? I saw it on but it doesn't actually indicate if the price is for calf skin or sheepskin.
  13. There aren't many stores that sells YSL. I believe the Shoebaloo in Amsterdam does. Call them. The Rodeloper in DenHaag had some medium cabas but they've sold them. Don't know when the new bags will arive.
  14. Hi everyone! Can anyone please clarify, I'm kind of confused with the color:

    Is the Electric Blue exactly the same as the Cobalt Blue?
  15. Thank you for this post =)