Medium Brown Metallic or Medium Burnt Orange Glazed Lambskin?

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  1. Usually, I can pretty much decide on the handbags I want to buy. However, as I am now on a handbag ban (so why am I asking this question??? :upsidedown:), this would be my last purchase before June.

    I have just been offered a metallic brown in the medium size. But do I need another metallic bag given that I already have two - navy and green and hopefully I will be getting a red very very very soon?

    Or should I go for the burnt orange glazed lambskin in the medium size? I do find lambskin a bit challenging to maintain - I bought a pink lambskin from the 08C collection and I am very worried each time I take her out . :sweatdrop: I did read in another thread that glazed lambskin is easier to maintain. I love orange but is not really a great fan of the "classic" bags.

    Of course if you think I should just stop, get the red and forget about everything until June, please also say so!

    Some ideas and thoughts on how I should choose are welcome!!:yes:
  2. orange! i looooove orange!
  3. Im all for the orange!!!!!
  4. A third vote for the orange glazed lambskin!
  5. LOL, another vote for the orange glazed lambskin.
  6. Hi there!!! I've been telling myself to go on a bag ban too from march 08 for at least 3 mths....but it seemed to last only a mth after seeing the orange glazed lambskin IRL. Its so so so pretty. I really like the orangy/red color so much. I am not a fan of lambskin leather cos finds it too delicate for casual use but again the glazed lambskin is gd in terms of durability.
    Hence, my vote goes to orange glazed lambskin too hehe at least for a change since u've bought a no. of reissues already...:smile:
  7. same here orange glazed lambskin!
  8. yes.. orange glazed lamb... you have too many matellic reissues already ...
  9. yeh, orange glazed lambskin too... u have too many metallic reissues and maybe it's time to have a break :lol:
  10. orange gets my vote
  11. Having a ban is not a bad idea - because at least you know mentally you're not supposed to spend on another bag. I admit that it's not easy to enforce the ban - I think it should be extended to banning yourself from coming here!:lol: I am sure I will be able to follow the ban seeing that no new bag will come out for the rest of April and May and based on Mon's intel, none of the bags from the pre-fall season excites me (a bit like 08C which I easily cruised through with purchase of a single bag only!). Not only do I like this glazed lambskin, I also like Savannah's red orange tote...I am dead...:lol:
  12. since you already have 2 other metallics (and 1 other on the way) & love the orange, go for the orange!

    i am not a fan of the orange, so personally i will choose the metallic or nothing at all.
  13. orange glazed gets my vote! :tup:
  14. Many thanks for those who have responded to my thread. I did not need much persuading, did I, as I just asked my Chanel SA to find the orange glazed lambskin in the medium size for me.:roflmfao:

    I am not sure if she's able to find one though because I am sort of late in the game... :shrugs:
  15. Hihi Miffy27,

    I am also looking for the burnt/dark orange glaze lambskin but i wanted a jumbo :smile: do u mine to PM me the details of yr SA ? :love:

    I hv being quoted a exorbitant price thru a ebay seller thus i am trying to see if i can get one from a boutique instead ;)

    thank you in advance yah !!! :smile: