Medium Bowler and Ballerinas from NM catalog

  1. I just got a NM catalog today and am in LOVE with these ballerinas. I love how they have the same chain as the bag under the "cc". What do you all think of them?
  2. Those are adorable!
  3. is that the deerskin bowler?
  4. LOVE! And that's the black deerskin bowler. I hate it that the lustre doesn't capture well in photos. Thanks for sharing. You should get the shoes!
  5. LOL, my husband just walked in and I showed them to him and he said since you're getting the bag, get the shoes. I'm going to try them on since I don't know how chanel sizing runs and get them :yahoo:. OMG, I hope they're out in stores now.
  6. Beautiful!!!
  7. Could you post the catalog and page number for the bowler? That is the next bag on my wishlist. Thanks!
  8. oh my gosh! i love that bag its gorgeous!
  9. Awwww, how sweet!
  10. oh the ballerinas are so cute!
  11. very cute! I got that catalog yesterday!:biggrin:
  12. does anyone know the catalog and page number?
  13. They also have the deerskin luxury boots to match that bag. The boots are smoking hot!
  14. I saw those boots ~ gorgeous!!!
  15. I didnt get that catalogue..WAHHHHHHHH!!!
    Someone post the item # for the shoes..I MUST ORDER THEM NOW!!LOL!