Medium Blush Patent

  1. If anyone is looking for a Medium Blush Patent Leather Classic Flap there is one listed with Personal Shoppers on eBay.....
  2. Holy cow, what's with the price? How much did that bag retail for?
  3. I have one and I think I paid $1795....
  4. holy guacamole that's spency!
  5. Personal shoppers is overpriced. Charges more than retail price.
  6. I would love that bag but I refuse to pay that much over retail especially on eBay!!
  7. well she consigns so she has to make as much as she can for her clients + eBay and paypal fees are a killer. I have worked with her in the past, shes sold my 4-5 chanels and I have always gotten back what I spent....shes FABULOUS...100% feedback, plus she has a strong clientile and that bag will eventually selll.
  8. I understand the fees, consignment, etc....but there are bags that she has that you can still get at NM, or Chanel. If she has an unusual bag that someone was dying for, then OK. But otherwise, I will just pay retail at the store.
  9. For some she does. But I jsut bought my timless clutches from her since mine were stolen by the Valet, and I paid under retail right now for them.

    Usually if you email her she'll bargain with you if you go off ebay since she saves on fees. As far as I know she's 100% reputable seller.
  10. I am a total eBay skeptic, but this is one seller I would buy from. Everything I've seen/heard about her speaks for itself.
  11. she's a great seller. I agree with schmoo, if you email her and you get the back off ebay she is willing to lower the price :smile:
  12. ^oh i didn't know about that! But the bag is too overpriced!
  13. i really want this bag as it's not available where i am but it is so expensive :sad:

    Im praying/hoping that it'd come out again in the actual chanel boutiques in the future...
  14. I noticed that when the Chanel classics went up in price she bought a whole bunch of them pre-price increase and tried to sell them for retail or MORE. (Personalshopper) So it doesnt look like everything she sells is consigned.
  15. I don't know that they would make it available at the boutiques. It was a NM exclusive, they love to do exclusive pink items at NM.... My SA told me that NM is the largest purchaser of Chanel, they have 30 some stores compared to under 20 Chanel Boutiques, in the US. So they seem to have some pull with Chanel. It is a beautiful bag. I actually passed on it, and then after it was gone I had them search and find one for me. But that was Early Spring... Good Luck!