Medium Blue Harlequin Pics!!!

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  1. My vote is for the smaller blue harlequin with double handles. With the shoulder strap, it'll be pretty easily to use and it looks really sweet in a smaller size. IMO, the big harlequin seems a little overwhelming, all those colors and patterns in a huge size seems like an overdose.

    Most importantly, can you fit your essentials in the smaller bag? Would it be convenient for you?
  2. My vote is for the blue one as well... personally,I do not really like the pouchette in black inside the large size even tough it's convenient with outer pockets.It seems like it has a nylon bag inside..:hrmm: ...of course,this is my humble opinion...:flowers:
  3. The only problem I find with the medium size is the lack of outer pockets. My coffers have me so spoiled when it come to those darn outer pockets!:Push: I love the size of the med though. I think that I will try to find the medium blue with one braided handle. Until I find it, I will keep the large (since it was soooooo hard for me to find!). ;)