Medium Blue Harlequin Pics!!!

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  1. Well, I just received this from Harrods. Now I'm not sure which I would rather keep............lg blue or med blue!! Here she is..............
  2. Here's a pic of large pink next to med blue. They are actually almost the same height. Lg one has outer pockets (huge) and bigger base.....
    Any thoughts on which one I should keep? Large or medium??? :graucho:
  3. Thats a hard one to decide. I like the pockets on the larger one. But if you have a large blue one you dont need two blue ones. If you like the size on the smaller one keep it and sell your larger blue one. Then you will have a large and a small in different colors. They are both beautiful what ever you decide. I was no help LOL! Sorry.
  4. I agree with shockey...keep the smaller one, that way you get both color combos and both sizes.
  5. If it were my choice, I would keep the large pink, and try to get the med. blue with one handle and pockets, instead of the two handled one. They are both beautiful bags--I love the pink one. And the blue is great, too, but I love outer pockets. :yes:

    Good luck! (Oh, to have to make such decisions!)
  6. I agree with Shockey too. Keep the two handled blue. That way you'll have two different colors, two different styles.
  7. I with Shockey and all as well. The med. is just stunning too.
  8. I really, really want the med size blue with the one handle!! If anyone finds it anywhere, please pm me!! Still don't know which to let go!:shrugs:
  9. I like it :nuts:
    I saw it yesterday yesterday on one of the Miu2 Stockist here in Sydney and fell in love instantly..
    That bag is so unique!
  10. Oh my oh my oh my miu2. The blue Harlequin is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. I love the color patches and the size!!!!

    I must get itttttt :graucho:
    After I pay off my bow. ENJOY YOUR PURCHASE! :wlae:
  11. oh dear! so many harlequins! such a hard choice! I'm really fond of the large harlequin in blue, but also agree with shockey that different colours is better.
    tough decisions! am not the best person when it comes to them :Push:
  12. Like the smaller one definitely. Is the large outer pocket on the big harlequin helpful or a hindrance? Seems like stuff would get lost in there...
  13. oh Miu2 you have totally outdone yourself.:yahoo: I love your large blue one and your medium blue one. Does your pink one go with a lot of your outfits? hmm....good luck deciding, you have beautiful harleys so enjoy lucky lucky girl!!! :hugs:
  14. Between the large single handle and medium double handle, I like the double handle better, if you are going to keep only one. But they both are stunning!!! Now you have three. Which ones are you going to keep?
  15. I think keep the smaller blue if you already have the large one in the pink...
    LOVE THE BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!