Medium Bleecker Duffle #11422

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  1. Hi everyone-

    I am currently interested in purchasing a bleecker duffle, can't believe I never liked them until now! Anyways, the ones I am currently looking at on *bay is the medium size #11422. Does anyone have modeling pics of this size? How is the size, is this big enough for everyday usage, should I go for the large size instead? I did a search but couldnt find any useful information. THANKS so much!!! :yes:
  2. I have one of these and it is awesome. Holds alot more that you would think it would and so easy to carry on the shoulder. I too debated between the sizes but was afraid that the large one would be too big. The leather on these are to die for. Good Luck.
  3. The medium is a good size. It holds a lot. The large is LARGE...
  4. I have a medium black/black siggy version. My bf got this one for me for my birthday. I love the nice heavy leather on the trim so much I bought more Bleecker full leather bags from thereon.
  5. I bought this for my daughter for Christmas (Yellow...she picked it out!) and she loves it! She really doesn't put much in it, but it looks really good on her...she's about 5' 5" and it doesn't over power her. Mom might just have to borrow it someday ;)
  6. Thanks so much for your inputs! I think I am going to get the medium size since I am really afraid that the large would be too large!
  7. I love my medium in bottle green, she's great!
  8. I have the black/black medium signature and I use it mainly when I travel and it holds a lot. When I fly I hate having to put my purse on the ground so this bag works out perfect since it doesn't really show any dirt. I think you should go for it.