Medium Black Metallic Bowler

  1. I have been calling different Saks for the past few days for the medium black metallic bowler, but to no avail. Any last sightings, please? All help are greatly appreciate:flowers:
  2. What happened to the one at the Troy, MI store? Where are all the Bowlers that Saks supposedly has in their system? I will definitely let you know if I hear of any available. I am pretty good at scoping out hard to find items!
  3. Gee. Thanks!

    I think they are probable reserved by some VIPs...:sad:
  4. yay for roey!
  5. The Saks in NYC had one last week when I was there. They had a lot of the luxury ligne bags.
  6. sophia... dont give up!! i know how dissapointing it can be -the pF gals are VERY good on keeping an eye and reporting back, so along w/ some more phone calls... you'll fins one soon enough!!

    i was very dissapointed when i couldnt get my fall black bowler, and after some calls, and encouragement from roey (!!) i got my bag, and didnt realize how much i wanted it til it was in my hands being gawked at!!

    so... dont stress, (and dont give up, either) it will happen!!
  7. Thanks for all the encouragement! I will try to call them again tomorrow and hopefully there a SA that is more helpful.
  8. alex at the nyc Saks was pretty nice. she helped me find my bowler...
  9. Hi there:smile:
    I got really lucky today... I was returning a bag at NM in Beverly Hills but went to Saks Fifth just to look and found a metallic black bowler! I believe it is the medium size ($2160.. that is the price for the medium, right?) So I quickly bought it...

    I am not sure if they still have another one, but you should definitely call and check. I know they still have the bronze color. My SA was Donna, she was very nice and I couldn't believe how lucky I was!
  10. Thanks aprifruity. i'll def give her a ring.
  11. Are u aware if NM carry this bag? If they do, i can also call them to check.
  12. -sophia...


    ...i had my boyfriend and myself call and the TWO s/a's that assisted us over the phone were NOT knowledgeable OR very helpful

    when my boyfriend called, he was mislead and the s/a pressured him to do a charge over the phone before he came to pick it up the next day!! regardless, we went to make sure it was the right bag before we bought, and she insisted that the bowler was the square shaped one for fall -and that metallic was a brand new color for fall, even though the only piece they had which was metallic was the flap, and that was from spring!

    so be VERY specific... b/c my boyfriend and i BOTH described the bag in great detail over the phone, and she still ended up showing us the wrong bag

    hopefully you will find someone who is helpful AND knowledgeable!! -let us know what happens! good luck...!
  13. Thanks janny. I think I'll try to call the other Saks first. N thanks to all the kind PFers that have replied so far.
  14. Hey Sophia
    I did go to NM today at Beverly Hills and they had a waitlist for the bowler.. I think 3 or 4 people. Unfortunately, they were only ordering the "brown" and I wasn't sure if the SA was referring to the bronze or...? Hope this helps!
  15. sophiawinter - If you call NM, Troy, MI ask for Lisa - shes SUPER helpful! :wlae: