Medium Black Caviar w/Bijou Chain - Old Price!!!

  1. One of my SA's just called to let me know someone returned a medium black caviar and it still has the "old" (pre-increase) price. PM me for my SA's information ONLY if you are serious about buying it.

    Style# A35190

    Black Caviar
    Silver Bijou Chain (new chain)

  2. I would love that bag, but alas, I don't have another 2k lying around at the moment. :girlsigh:
  3. thanks for posting....unfortunately i'm goin to buy a black caviar jumbo, don't think i have extra funds to buy this..."sob" "sob"
  4. I want black with gh so I am able to resist!
  5. Does anyone have pics of this bag?
  6. Check the reference library. There are lots of pictures. It's a classic flap with the all metal chain (no leather weaving).