Medium Betty Bag

  1. Does anyone have a picture they could post of a medium (small) Betty bag? (Especially if you have one actually holding it). I have one on hold and am trying to decide between this and the large (medium) or no more bags until fall. :blink: I haven't seen one IRL.

  2. This might help. The brown is the small/medium, the white is the x-small. The back of this brown betty is the same style as the white betty. The white betty is the same front and back.

    The medium is a good size. I personally prefer the large; I like large bags. Good luck!
    Chloe Betty Small.JPG Chloe Betty Medium.JPG Chloe Betty Small Medium side by side.JPG
  3. Oh My, how in the world did you do that? That is exactly what I needed to see. Is that a store or your walk around closet?:roflmfao:
  4. Love the photos!
  5. BalenciagaLove! You are just the best! Those pics are so helpful!
  6. :shame: Awww... thanks, guys! When I was taking all these pictures, the SA's were saying that I reminded them of their Chloe supplier with all the various shots I was taking. What amazed me was how none of them minded the pictures at all! :flowers:
  7. Do you happen to have a picture with the medium and the large side by side? Or with someone holding them? ;)
  8. Hey, you rock those bags! The small ivory is so cute!! I had that one in chocolate and I swear it had mutant handles. They were longer than the body of the bag and looked out of proportion.