Medium bag for my birthday , I’m torn (nolita medium suede or envelope in dark tea)

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  1. Ahh someone help me on which bag to get. I like the suede but is that going to be really high maintenance. I’m after a bag that goes day to night. Also has anyone had either of these bags and experienced any quality issues as I have in the past with ysl

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  2. I can’t really help, but I think the suede Nolita is gorgeous! It’s black, so maybe it doesn’t require as much maintenance? I don’t know. Maybe someone with more info will chime in. [emoji4] I’m also interested of the Nolita bag, I suppose there’s no topics of that yet..
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  3. I haven’t seen any threads regarding it I tried on the small but for me that was too rectangular in shape I really liked this one though and it looked good cross body too
  4. Hmmm....totally different bags, but for day to night the envelope better fits the bill. There is a mislabeled thread here on that where people have reported postive experiences.

    The Nolita is too new of course for that. I'm also eyeing that size, but in either the tan or dark green leather (not suede).
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  5. they are super different yeah. I love the shape of the Nolita and I can see it in the evening as I dont really go out out so it would be more for dinners. However I am concerned by the lack of feet on the base of the bag and if it would hold it’s structure and not bow when filled. I have to say personally upon seeing the bags in person it didn’t look as great in the leather for some reason. The envelope colour dark tea was gorgeous, I think unlike the nolita it might work better in summer.
  6. Envelope gets my vote. It’ll transition very well from day to night.
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  7. Envelope is definitely more versatile. I have a few in different colors & they transition easily day to night. The envelope allows you to tuck in the chain & carry it as a clutch as well.
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  8. Another vote for the Envelope bag! I actually tried on both of these bags at the boutique today. The envelope is stunning & transitions well from day to night; very classy. It is also much more compact compared to the Nolita. So you’ll have to ask yourself how much stuff do you need/want to carry.

    Also, and I may be in the minority here, while I find the overall look of the Nolita edgy & chic for everyday use, I also found the opening (under the flap) of the Nolita to be a bit cumbersome. While it is easy to slip the “clip” through the hole to open the bag, I still needed to set the bag down on the counter to fully open it. Hanging it from your shoulder with one chain doesn’t work well as it hinders the opening. Just my honest opinion.

    Both are beautiful bags regardless. Good luck deciding!
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  9. One more vote for the envelope! I may be biased though as I own one. I originally purchased it as an easy going out with the girls sort of bag and I have actually used it way more than I ever thought I would. I recently chose it for a quick trip to Paris, as I knew that it could easily transition from day to night and I would have the essentials close to my side.
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  10. I'm voting for that suede bag! I have a similar one by Chanel and it's amazing and I wear it day to night routinely. Hope this helps.

    ETA:. My suede bag is from the late 90s and it in no way is out of style at all, just an FYI..
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  11. Yes I hadn’t thought about using it as a clutch , I just fell for the colour.
  12. Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I hadn’t thought about the opening of the bag but that is such a good point. It is a large bag and I am worried that due to its softness it will sag at the bottom if filled. I actually don’t carry a lot but enjoyed the layed back style to the nolita as i am more of a casual dresser.
  13. I have to say I am falling for the suede, may I ask how you protect yours I am worried about wear
  14. This is so useful to know I do think it is a great day to night bag and it looks fairly durable
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