Medium Antigona for Travel?

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Medium Antigona is Great for Travel

  1. Yes, it is perfect for travel

  2. No, it isn't so good for travel

  3. It is alright, but there are better zip top purses

  4. It is too small.

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  1. I am thinking of purchasing a medium Antigone for the explicit purpose of using as my main carry-on for air travel. I don't like to take a rollerboard and prefer to just have a large purse. In the past I have used the LV Neverfull or Chanel GST. I don't like how open the LV is and the GST is jut not quite big enough. So, I'm thinking that the Antigona might be a good travel purse. I'm going to carry my laptop, some books, water bottles, an LV Favorite inside, and the other usual purse stuff. I'm not worried about it scuffing, etc: I'm "hard" on my purses :smile: So, what are your thought and experiences traveling with the Antigona???? TIA!!!
  2. You're better off with a medium Pandora, if Givenchy is your thing. While your stuff may fit in the medium Antigona, it won't be comfortable to carry and you risk causing it to become misshapen.
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