Medium Antigona for Travel?

Medium Antigona is Great for Travel

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Aug 16, 2017
I am thinking of purchasing a medium Antigone for the explicit purpose of using as my main carry-on for air travel. I don't like to take a rollerboard and prefer to just have a large purse. In the past I have used the LV Neverfull or Chanel GST. I don't like how open the LV is and the GST is jut not quite big enough. So, I'm thinking that the Antigona might be a good travel purse. I'm going to carry my laptop, some books, water bottles, an LV Favorite inside, and the other usual purse stuff. I'm not worried about it scuffing, etc: I'm "hard" on my purses :smile: So, what are your thought and experiences traveling with the Antigona???? TIA!!!