Medium Agenda?

  1. :confused1:I am wanting an agenda-I love damier and think i want the medium, is it to big for your bags? I have a Kate Spade small one , but want to upgrade-whats your opionon gals?
  2. Med. agenda is ok :smile: How if you get Speedy 30? Your medium agenda will be fit with your Speedy.
  3. medium is a great size cos its easier to write on it..:tup:
  4. My medium agenda fits ok in my Jasmin and Reade. Other than that my other LV bags are too small for the medium agenda. Oh, and I prefer the size of the medium because it is roomy enough to take notes, appointments, and other odds and ends easily. The small agenda tends to be too small for my needs.
  5. I probably will use in my damier speedy 30 ,epi speedy 30 and damier chelsea-thanks for help-will probably go order her.
  6. it took me a while to adjust to my medium agenda. now that i have, i love it. get one!!!
  7. I got a medium and its the perfect size, fits in all my bags.
  8. The medium is a really good size to write in and will fit in most bags... I had one and it was really good :smile:
  9. the medium is the best thing that's ever happened to my agenda-using life. i had a small one and had to take it back for the medium. it is the perfect size, and fits into most if not all of my bags.
  10. I would get the medium, too...but I wish they had it in vernis!
  11. I have a small mono agenda and it is a great size (fits all bags). BUT after seeing pics of BacardiGirl's medium Damier I'm thinking I need one of those too. It doesn't look too large at all!
  12. I love my fits in all my bags!
  13. I'd love for a medium vernis agenda, too!!
  14. ^^^, that's what I am waiting for!:love:
  15. Sandra has a med agenda in her speedy 25.
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