medium agenda and refills

  1. for those of you who own a med. agenda, do you use lv refills or something else? i need notepages, def. i called elux and they were out of med. agenda refills and 866 informed me that ppl buy their refills between sept. and march. very helpful.
  2. hey, I have also found myself wanting these in the past. I don't know where you are, but I'm in the UK. A company called Filofax sells them. I don't know if this company is global or not but if the names familiar wherever you are, you might want to try them. The sizes are pretty much standard. Your local stationers or specialist pen shops should do them. Hope this helps
  3. I am in the USA and I use Filofax inserts in my agenda. They have a website to shop online.
  4. ^^ Thank you both- I checked out the site and will be ordering from them. Thanks so much!!!