Medical Billing/Coding/Transcriptionist

  1. Can someone break this down to me on what these jobs are?

    I am interested bc I hear that you can do it from home...

  2. Hi tickle,

    Basically a medical transcriptionist is the one who re-writes what the doctors put in files in terms of billing codes.
    For example...patient A comes in to see the doctor. Depending on what happened during the visit (i.e. blood drawn, tests ordered, etc.) the transcriptionist needs to code those into items the insurance company understands....i.e. doctors visit = 1234, etc.

    I believe it does require some type of training...many vocational schools offer short evening programs to get certified. And I know lots of women who work from home doing basically go in on a Friday...pick up the files and bring them back on a Sunday, etc.

    although...this was several years ago before I don't know if you can actually remove the files anymore.

    I used to do legal's pretty easy stuff. You learn the codes...there are even computer programs that you type in shorthand what the event was and it transcribes it for you.
  3. ah! going to consider looking into this. im a very very very great typer...thanks to PF?!


    another Q, do u have any idea how much these people make roughly?
  4. Actually what Twiggers mentioned sounds more like medical coding. I know the community college in our area has that program. Medical transcription is where you type up the dictated reports for the doctors. I looked in to this years ago, but started scoping instead. What that is is editing transcripts for court reporters. For that job, besides a computer, you usually need a transcriber to play tapes in and special software that transcripts the notes from steno machines into English. I do this from home, and we just e-mail the files back and forth.
  5. Hi! Both my DH and I are physicians, so I can probably help you out a bit. Tammy518's description is more accurate - a transcriptionist is the one that types out our dictations. Usually most doctors and hospitals want a medical secretary background since you need to know how to spell all the medications and diseases, which can be a pain to learn!

    Medical billing/coding is what Twiggers described. The intensity depends on how much the doc does themselves, and the pay varies accordingly. For example, some of the surgeons DH works with, basically just write down what procedure they did, and you'll need to find the right codes, submit them, and if they get rejected, you're supposed to follow up on it so the doc is making the max billings they can.

    For those in my field, my codes are really basic so I know them offhand, so I can write down exactly what I want, and basically just need someone to manually submit them. The rate varies, around 3-5% of the billings is average for the limited info.

    If the work is more intense like DH's where you need to look things up, 10% is what he's been paying for that.

    Straight transcription is variable... I've never had to pay anyone separately for that - I assume it's an hourly rate, but I don't know what's standard. Hope this helps!
  6. After reading Tweetie's post, since she wasn't sure how transcriptionists get paid, I'm pretty sure it's by the page. I know that the scoping work I do is per page, and when I looked in to the medical transcription years back, it was usually by the page also.
  7. I own my own medical transcription business and have been providing medical transcription at home and in hospital settings for about 20 years now. :smile: If anyone has any specific questions about this field, please write to me at and I'd be glad to help.

    As far as pay, if you work in a hospital or clinic, you usually get paid by the hour. This is a good method of pay if you are just staring out and your speed/terminology is fairly low.

    Most independent contractor MT's get paid on a per line basis although some may charge by page. I charge strictly by the line.

    Beware of online sites that promise to train you and get work for you. While there are a few reputable MT schools out there, they are few and far between.

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  8. Freetoes do you know of a site that lists some good MT programs by state?
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