Media Mail / Expedited shipping? HELP!

  1. I just sold a book on, and it shows the buyer wants it shipped EXPEDITED ...what the heck is that?

    I've heard of Media Mail..but never heard of that.

    Can someone please help me!
  2. Expedited just means to post it quickly, I believe. I suspect that Priority Mail would be just fine. Media mail takes forever (I've seen a book take 2 weeks!). Priority Mail is 2-3 days. Hope this helps!
  3. thank you emily k!
  4. Yeah! If they want it shipped quickly, do priority. Usually 2-3 days.

    Media Mail DOES take forever. I swear, the postal workers take the books home, read them, and THEN send them.
  5. That's actually weird about Media Mail. My shipments usually arrive to me or my buyer on the lower end of the time period they give.
    Most recently, I bought a book from a seller on June 5th and got it on the 11th. Not bad, IMO.

    Anyway to the OP, as others have said, Priority Mail would be the best option if the buyer wants it expedited.