1. has anyone tried mederma for acne scars? i have some scarring on my cheeks and was wondering if anyone has tried it... please help!! any other remedies or products that anyone can suggest? or a GREAT cover-up
  2. My friend had a scar on his chin from a piercing. It was convex, and mederma really helped. I was really surprised at how well it worked, you can barely tell it was there. It was a fairly new scar, though.
  3. I used it on a raised scar and it helped. I would check the info that's on the box to see if it's meant to be used on concave scars.
  4. Be careful using it on your face if you have sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and used it on a raised scar on my chest and it became really red and itchy.
  5. It works really well! My boyfriend get a football cleet spike through his cheek (ouch!) playing football, and had an awful scar. He used Mederma, and you can't even see it anymore.

    Make sure you don't use it on any open/healing wounds though!
  6. my acne scars are light not really raised.. but i dont like having them.. hopefully it'll work!!
  7. Do they work on stretch marks?
  8. Oh! I would like to know if it works too???

  9. "A topical gel skin care product for scars used after surgery, accidents, injuries, burns, acne, and stretch marks."

    Ohh, I hope so! I'm going to try using it on some acne scars and stretch marks and I'll let you know how it goes. If it does work on stretch marks, this product is a blessing, I've been so self conscious because of them for a while.
  10. this could potentially be the best product on the market!!