Medallion Tote

  1. Hi, I'm new to buying Chanel purses and I saw on The Hills the one that LC had and I fell in love with it so I have a few questions.
    Does the Medallion come with white c's?
    If so, where's the best place to buy it around the NJ/NYC area?
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    The medallion tote does not come with white CC's. It comes in lambskin and caviar leather. I have it in beige and black. My only problem is getting my wallet in and out as others on PF have said and the straps are not long enough for more than a snug over the shoulder fit.
  3. The Medallion Tote doesn't come in black with white CCs since it is not from the Cambon line. It does come in solid black and solid white though, as well as beige (and maybe other colors, too, but I am not sure). You can buy the bag at the Chanel boutique as well as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's in NYC. I am not sure about stores that carry Chanel in NJ...but I'm sure someone else would be able to help you!

    Good luck!
  4. i also have the tote in beige and in black. i love the tote, it's good for carrying basics. it's definitely snug. i also have a black cerf tote for those days when i don't feel like struggling to get stuff out. if your items are big, like a big sunglass case, or a big makeup bag, or a big wallet, then i wouldn't recommend the medallion tote, unless you have the patience to rearrange your stuff. BUT i do love the medallion's look.
  5. I also have in black and beige! love the look of this timeless beauty!
  6. also colors i have personally seen in the medallion are: white, off white, deep tan (deeper than beige), teal, & pink.

    but like macp6 said, beige and black are classic colors. i like the look of white, but it didn't look good on me. and the pink seemed too young (i'm almost 30).
  7. I just bought the black yesterday!! Its just beautiful!!:yahoo:
  8. :yahoo: :yahoo:

    i love the medallion tote! congrats!
  9. Congrats ranskimmie!!!!!! You must post a pic!! Maybe I'll use mine tomorrow. You forget how nice a bag is until you take it from it's sleeper and fall in love all over again. I think my husband would wish that would happen more rather than buying another new bag.
  10. Ahhh:love: Thanks so much girls. Hey can someone tell me if the handles compare to the size of the handles on a Balenciaga City? Every one is saying how snug they are on the Chanel. So I am just curious. I purchased mine without seeing it in person.
  11. Yay! :yahoo: Did you get one with silver hardware? Congrats! I absolutely love mine :love: I'm sure you will too.
  12. :nuts: Hey you!! I havent talked to you in forever!! YES!! its the one with the silver hardware:yahoo: , I think it is just beautiful.:love: I was asking earlier, Im sure you'll know, are the handles on a city the same size as the chanel? I mean does it fit the same on the shoulder or is it a tighter fit??
  13. i'm pretty sure the bal city straps are shorter than the chanel medallion tote straps, so has a tighter fit than the chanel.
  14. Oh thanks! Thats what I have been hoping to hear. I dont think the medallion tote will be to snug of a fit then.:wlae:
  15. I am interested in this bag from reading these posts. Does anyone own this bag that can share a personal pic - maybe even show how it fits on the shoulder?