Medallion tote with silver or gold h/w? or pst?

  1. I got a black medallion tote with sliver h/w last week and see a pink one with sliver h/w at my NM on friday. It looks so pretty and I was thinking of exchange my black medallion tote back because the sticker was place in a strange way (1/2 of the sticker was out of the leather tag). I talked to the sa and she told me she can get me a black one with gold h/w but I won't be about to see it in person before I buy. Also I see the cutest pst in pink in NM that day.

    I am confuse now...
    What do u think I should do~:confused1:
  2. i love the medallion tote, either gold or silver is fine, you don't see much of the hardware only the medallion on the zipper, i think it's so classy and simple. i probably woulnd't go for the pink since it's more fashion, if you've already got your staple bags in blk then pink is so fun, otherwise blk is more classic
  3. i have the pink medallion tote and i love her to death.. i do long for the black though.
    I originally waned the black and bumped into the pink- then got the pink...
    I would say get the black first and if you really enjoy her get the pink- oh yeah and go for the silver hardware- it makes the bag more suttle...
  4. My first Chanel was the black medallion tote with gold. I love it! It is so classic and beautiful and understated. You can tuck the medallion into the bag if it is too gold for your outfit. That would be my first choice. You'll carry it forever. :smile:
  5. I've seen both and got the one I prefer: gold hardware. I'm a gold kinda gal anyway, so I tend to gravitate to gold hardware on everything.
  6. i'd keep the black medallion with either hardware( like them both) and down the road get a PST in pink.....
  7. Keep the black, get the pink later. For this bag, I don't think the hardware matters as much, because you really don't see it. When i carry mine, the medallion is always inside it.
  8. They are both so beautiful, I don't think you can go wrong with either one :smile:
  9. Personally I would keep the Black, purely because it's so much more versatile. Whether you go for the Gold or Silver depends entirely on your personal style, personally i'd go for the silver because i'm a silver type of girl and wear all silver jewelery, but as I said it depends on your preference.
    And like the majority of the PF's who have replied i'd go for the Pink PST down the road.
    Good luck!
  10. I think you should keep your black medallion tote, it's a beautiful bag and I think it's much more versatile than a pink pst. It can be worn all year, as I won't consider carrying my pink bag in winter. Either way, they're both great bags!!!
  11. Thank you very much! I feel like I finally meet some people who understand! You are all my angels.

    I just figure out that they ID that they sent me does not match the bag's id# (they somehow forget to put the ID in the bag so they mail me the ID).

    Now I am not happy! Are they trying to test my patient:sad:?

    The NM SA told me the chicago Chanel has a very bad return/ exchange policy that only allow me to do return within two week. Is that truth??

    I don't feel good going back and tell them I have so many problems with their bag and service but I would have to. I don't want them to think that I am trying to create troubles for them. But I know I can't just give up on this because there may be more people like me getting bad service if I don't speak up.

    What would you do(when you go back to the store) if you were me?:confused1:

    Thanks again ~