Medallion tote vs. Cerf tote

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Cerf vs Medallion

  1. Cerf!

  2. Medallion Tote!

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  1. I am 26, so I think the black caviar medallion is better for me, but wanted PF's opinions as well. It is between the black caviar medallion with gold hardware or the large cerf in black. THANKS!
  2. I like both. well..not much help..what are you planning to use for? work or everyday bag?

  3. everyday bag...and I am really leaning towards the medallion:p
  4. Medallion, I've got a white one myself, the shape of cerf tote does not not appear to me
  5. I have both bags! I personally prefer the Cerf because it is chic and sophisticated. The bag is so hot! If you want something more showy, go for a medallion tote.

    oh I'm 21 btw.
  6. here are some pictures of the bags on celebrities:

    CERF tote on Ashley Olsen

    MEDALLION tote on some chick from MTV
  7. i helped a friend pick out a medallion tote recently. it looks very chic and holds a lot of stuff. i think it's a fun but classic bag for a young lady.
  8. Medallian! But can someone help me with pics comparing the Medaliian and GST?
  9. I like the Cerf.
  10. ^^the reference library is full of photos:yes:

    I can't really compare the 2, they're too different IMO.
    Although the Cerf doesn't appeal to me, it's infinitely more practical.
    It's much easier to get into and get things out of and the Medallion Tote has a slight issue w/ the Medallion falling off.
    I can't get my big wallet in/out of the Medallion tote, but I prefer the way it looks.
    Also, the Cerf is more comfortable to me.
  11. Hmmm....I love the Cerf tote...but I think the Medallion tote is more fun.....I love the look of I guess another vote for the Medallion. Either way, you can't lose, because they are both gorgeous!
  12. i vote for the medallion- all holds alot and it really is a great bag.
    Once i have gotten use to it, its not hard getting the wallets in or out.
    I love how the medallion tote holds its shape always
  13. i love them both, but medallion tote gets my vote.
  14. Both are nice bags, but I like the Cerf better.
  15. I vote Cerf.