Medallion Tote Questions ......

  1. Does this or has this ever come in Lambskin ???

    also, what is the current Retail?

  2. My caviar leather one was $1895 last week. Don't know about the lambskin part.
  3. i don't know...but I did see a patent looking pink one last week. Wierd.
  4. I saw a new tan color that I believe was deerskin.

    Sheanabelle - where did you see a patent looking one?:graucho:
  5. Thanks guys! Yes, where did you see these??

    There is a "vintage" one on eBay, I think I will post in the authenticate forum and see what Mon and Michele think ....
  6. I have never seen a lambskin in person, but that's not to say they don't exist. But I do know the NM price for this bag is $1895 since I was with my mom yesterday when she purchased the bordeaux medallion tote.
  7. Sometimes sellers on eBay often assume a bag is lambskin when it's really calf or something else. This is very common with the Cambon line, mistaking it for lambskin when it's calfskin. Both sellers of authentic and fake bags make this error.

    I would worry more about the authenticity of the bag than the leather.

  8. Thanks roey! I get mixed up about the lamb/calf myself! :upsidedown: I just meant did the Medallion come in a leather OTHER than Caviar I guess ...
    I always post in the authenticate forum before I ever think of buying on ebay though :tup: