Medallion tote or Baby Cabas?

  1. Black Medallion tote or black Baby Cabas, which one do you like better?
    medallion.jpg cabas.jpg
  2. Personally, for me, I like my baby cabas. It really depends what kind of bag you like though. Structured tote or slouchy hobo style?
  3. Baby Cabas:tup:
  4. hard decision, I love them both!! But if I had to would be the Medallion.
  5. baby cabas
  6. baby cabas:tup:
  7. Agreed, now is your choice..which one will better fit your style???:smile:
  8. definitely the baby cabas!! :love:
  9. baby cabas for sure:yes:
  10. Yep, the bets way to decide is to try both of them on (although it may be hard to find a BC to try on).

    The Baby Cabas for a lot of people is a love or hate bag. I love mine.

    I've never tried on the medallion, but I looove my BC. I would get the GST over the medallion though, but that's just me.
  11. Of course the decision really depends on your style but I prefer the Medallion for 1) quality, 2) it's lined in leather, 3) it's classic Chanel. With the prices skyrocketing out of control, I am looking to keep pieces in my collection that will have good resale value should I ever need to sell
  12. I love the cabas cut as its quite funky and is really practical too so I would go for that, but it really depends if it goes with the rest of your wardrobe
  13. I prefer the Medallion. I love totes! :smile:
  14. yes, i agree that both are pretty howevverr it would depend on your style... i think medallion is a bit more serrious while cabas is more rugged...
  15. I used my new Medallion tote yesterday for the first time. It is definitely not a shoulder and I had to carry it over my arm. Therefore, in my opinion, it becomes a dressier, not an everyday bag. It is very structured and is sort of "A" shaped, where the opening is smallish and the bottom of the bag is wide. I am going to save it for dressier occasions where I need to carry a lot of stuff. My GST is more of my everyday bag. One more thing about the charm itself on the Medallion -- it sounds like my grandmother's old charm bracelet. Now I know why some people like to tuck in the charm! I went to a lecture about fashion yesterday in DC and carried it around the house and the grounds. It never got heavy on my arm and I had all of my essentials in it, but you could hear me coming!
    So, as the others have said, you have to decide how you want to use the bag and what you need to carry. Go to the boutique and put your stuff in both bags and see how they feel.