Medallion Tote - medallion falling off?

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  1. I have heard a few ladies having a problem with the Medallion Tote's medallion falling off. Has anyone purchased a Medallion Tote recently and does it still have this problem?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I just purchased the medallion tote a few weeks ago and haven't had any problems.
    Not to sure if it does still fall off but I would like that if it does, you can take it to Chanel to be fixed.
  3. I have had my medallion tote for about four years and have never had any problems with the medallion.
  4. I think it was Pursegalsf who had one w/ that problem once upon a time.
  5. Mine is about 2 years old and the medallion falls off pretty regularly, the metalchain is so soft. It's not a big deal, it happens after zipping the zipper by pulling on the chain x amount of times. I just push the chainlinks back together and that's it.
  6. Thanks for the responses :yes:

    I hear some ladies have this problem with their medallion and some don't and I've also heard that it happens more often with the gold, is that true? I'm concerned if it gets lost, can a new one be purchased?
  7. I think I read that there was a difference between the gold vs silver medallion. I forgot which is known for falling off.
  8. I bought mine a year ago and the medallion kept falling off.. I have since sent it back to Chanel for other things to be fixed and I made a note to tell them that the medallion keeps falling...
    No matter how tight I close the chains it still kept popping off.
    I fell off at the parking lot at my job and I went on a man hunt until I found it...My medallion was pink with silver hardware..
    I had a post about this prevously.
  9. I had mine for about a month and it fell off several times.
  10. Ohh.....this is very disconcerting since I've been eyeing this bag myself:crybaby: !

    If I spend that much $ on a bag, it better be in one piece for many many years.
  11. I read ranskimmie's thread about the medallion tote and how she loved the bag and later sold it because of this problem with the medallion.

    I haven't read Pursegalsf's post about her having problems with it too. :s

    I love that bag, but I'd hate to spend so much on a Chanel bag and have to worry about it all the time. :sad:
  12. Thats a shame that you spent so much on a bag to have it fall apart...eek.
  13. hasn't fallen off yet - i have two - on the bowler and the cabas - the only thing i don't like about the cabas is the medalion goes everywhere i don't want ... never stays put next to my arm ...
  14. my mom has a black/gold medallion but hers has nver had any probs (touch wood) she bought it more than 4 years ago??