Medallion tote in black patent

  1. Saw a black patent medallion the other day and it was fabulous. Does anyone know if it is still available or when it came out?
  2. Wow, I never even knew they existed. I would love to see a pic.
  3. I would love to see pics!
    I didn't know there was a patent.
  4. I've never seen one, but then again, Australia is deprived..
  5. I've seen them on Japanese resale sites before, but I think they're gone now...
  6. Wow that is so hot!
  7. Wow, I don't know that they made that style in patent too. It looks really nice!
  8. uhm, i don't think that bag is authentic. the one in the auction that is. the care booklet is for older Chanel bags and there is a plastic cover over the authenticity card (in the larger picture) which is a definite no-no!
  9. ^ i don't think that's a plastic cover, it seems to be just the reflection.
  10. mmm, you're probably right. still wondering about the care booklet though!
  11. I don't think there is a plastic cover too..
  12. OMG...i'd love a patent medallion tote.
  13. Wow that bag is nice. I couldn't believe the good price for only "caring it once or twice", so I called Chanel Boutique at Bellagio, good friend of mine who is SA out there. She said as far as she knew they never made the Medallion in patent and did a search and not at any Chanel Boutiques in USA. She couldn't rule out that a department store had the bag but she didn't think so. :cursing::hysteric::tdown:
  14. something about the number on the hologram makes me uncomfortable with this bag personally