Medallion tote help!

  1. Ok, so around a month ago I purchased my 1st Chanel @ NM, a calfskin leather Medallion tote in black w/ silver hardware. But now I've seen it in caviar & I love it too! What should I do??
    1) Keep my tote & stop complaining (I do love it...)
    2) Return the calfskin & get the caviar?

    The only dilemma is I live kinda far from SF so I'd have to travel almost an hour, go return my tote, then go to Chanel & get the caviar since they don't have one @ NM. Am I being silly & should I just be happy w/ my original purchase? What would you do? :shrugs:
  2. I've never seen it in anything other than caviar!
    Can you post a pic?
  3. Oh really?? Maybe it's more rare & I should keep it! hehe
    I wish I could post pics, but I'm having technical problems w/ my camera :s