Medallion tote and Shopping Tote Prices

  1. Does anyone know the price of the medallion totes and both sizes of the shopping totes? Also, does anyone know how much their prices will be increasing?
  2. PST is $1250, GST is $1895...medallion tote $1650
  3. I just purchased my medallion tote in the new dark bordeaux for $1895 less than 2 weeks ago. I got it at Bloomingdale's in NYC.
  4. I thought the medallion was $1650 but just called Saks and they said $19__ something. I guess this is the new price??? Maybe she misheard which purse I was asking about.
  5. The medallion tote is $1895 now
    I think before the first mark up in Jan it was $1695
  6. I purchased my white Medallion in April for $1795.
  7. I feel like they're marking everything up by $100 every 2 months, then every 6-8 months its a $300 increase...this is getting insane.:shocked::cursing:
  8. I just bought the medalion tote from NM in bordeaux and it was 1895.