Medallion problem on baby cabas

  1. Hi guys!

    I just wanted to get some feedback here as this has been bugging me whole day -

    I just got a baby cabas & I noticed when I am carrying my bag - my dangling medallion always tend to "swing" to the inside of the bag = means it can never stay put dangling on the outside of the bag... is it meant to be this way???

    I hope I make sense here & someone does understand what I am trying to explain here.

    Wld love to hear feedbacks - TIA! ;D
  2. hi! i understand that. mine does the same too.
    but i rarely noticed adn tried to fix it :p
  3. Hi! thanks for the feedback - you are so kind. :biggrin:

    I hate to sound anal (but guess I am) but it does bug me that the medallion doesnt "dangle" at the front - i thought it was a flaw on my bag... ;p

    I suppose I was appealed to the medallion as one of the "attractive" detail on the cabas...

    & if it doesnt dangle on the front, how wld anyone know it is a CHANEL, hahahaha (how shallow of me, lol)...
  4. LOL! I know exactly how you feel! It does that on mine too and i am sure on all of them. Chanel should have put a couple of links more on the medallion! Sometimes I just need to swing the frickin thing on my finger outside of the bag so folks see!!!!
    "I'm Claudia and I am a Label Snob"

  5. LOL my baby cabas medallion swings ALOT too.. and when it settles down, it prefers to settle down inside the bag. :shrugs:

  6. ha!:roflmfao: funny thing is i am always adjusting my medallion before i get up to's my fav part and it does seem to hide inside the bag on mine too....:sad:
  7. LOL u're sooo funny girl...
  8. mine too, but I don't pay any attention to it. Sometimes I put it inside the bag on purpose when I ride the subway in NYC which is rarely.
  9. yes yes, mine loves to hide inside the bag too, esp. when I wear the bag on my arm...

    lol, u all hve been very reassuring, thanks gals - you got no idea how much better I feel to hear that its normal that the bag's medallion "behaves" this way... :p
  10. Hmmm.. maybe I should've gotten this bag instead... I'm always turning my bag around to hide the CC logo :shame:
  11. out of curiousity - why do you feel the need to do this? (hope you do not mind me asking as I dont get it, lol). :biggrin:
  12. The medallion on my khaki Cabas doesn't do this much and I'm guessing it is because the leather is stiffer and thicker than the regular baby Cabas bags. There is not a lot of slouch on the khaki for the medallion to travel inside the bag.
  13. roey, is the leather on khaki is different than the black? how different are they? is it heavier too?
  14. i agree, mine is khaki too and i don't really have this problem. it only happens couple of times. otherwise it always stays outside.
  15. cudaswifey: I am like you - I often hide the fact that the bag is a chanel - I tuck the medallion in on purpose at times.
    bbbochap: To answer your question to cudaswifey, I think it is just a personality thing - I feel that as much as I love my bag, I am not sure I want everyone to know that it is a designer bag and that it was fairly expensive, at least more than they would have spent. But actually I don't judge others who proudly carry their bags.
    I guess, the medallion is shy like me. :shrugs: