Medallion owners how are your handles?

  1. Anyone have trouble or can forsee trouble w their medallion handles? I've had my bag for less than a month (right b4 this last increase) and I can feel that one of the handles is jiggly and weakening right where it goes into the bag and is sewn in. I really wish that this part of the handle had more support.

    BC this is my first chanel bag I do baby it, but I did buy the tote for everyday. I took it with me on a week trip to vegas. I'm worried that by new years the handle will break off or just flop all the way down.

    Soo my question is if you one how long have you had it and what is the condition of the handles? (No I don't carry heavy stuff in it.) Should I get some leather conditioner for it wld that help? My SA told me she recommends Coach leather conditioner. Thank you for your input!!
  2. Apple Guard makes fantastic leather conditioners, cleaners, and protectants. I just bought a bunch of their products from

    You should bring the bag back and see what they think of it. That doesn't sound normal at all.
  3. I have mine a while and although the handles loosen up- not weaken. They are stiff from the start. I have never heard of one of the handles "tearing " so I think you should be ok..None the less that is a very fixable problem to me
  4. My handles seem the have "stretched" which I don't really care for.
  5. my handle ripped and i did not have anything heavy in it just my wallet ,phone and keys. i treated this bag with most care.
    i was surprised when i saw that it came out from where it was attached.
    i took it to chanel and after 6 weeks it came back the same way i send it in so it went back after another 6 weeks and 35 dollars later my handle looks like it was reinforced with some black tape and then sewn in. it flops when the bag is not in use. it was upseting for something like this to happen after paying so much money.
  6. OMG! I'm so worried now! Will post pics soon. Crap I really wanted this purse to be my workhorse bag.
  7. I was in Chanel a couple weeks ago and noticed that the handles on the newer medallion totes are a lot softer than my medallion tote that I received around spring. My handles are very stiff and very firm (OK keep your mind on track! LOL) but on the new ones, the handles did not sit up properly and when you touched the handles, they felt soft instead of firm (I almost wanted to say that the bag felt like a fake). I even mentioned this difference to the SA to which she said nothing at all. Maybe you should compare your handles to the others in the store and see if you can exchange for one with stronger handles.
  8. ^Just wanted to add that my tote is made in Italy and the tote I compared it to was made in France. Maybe that might account for the slight differences in the construction of the handles.
  9. My Medallion is made in Italy too and I prefer this particular style being made there. The France ones have much thicker handles as you saw and I like the thinner handles much much better. But on the flaps, I prefer the France made ones.
  10. ^Wow, that's so strange that they manufacture the Medallion tote differently in France vs. Italy.

    My two jumbo flaps are made in France (black patent) and Italy (white). They're both equal in quality, and if not for the stamp I wouldn't even know they were made in different factories.
  11. OMG....I thought it was just me! I noticed a difference in the handles and the bottom of the bag within the 1st month of use. The handles are weaker and flimsier and the bottom feels like it's loosening. It used to be pretty hard, sturdy and structured, now it's kinda saggy. Oh...this makes me mad!!! But I wouldn't bring it back to the store, I'm pretty sure they would just tell me this is "normal" and make me feel like an idiot.
  12. Me too. Its really surprised me how quickly my bag has show usage sign, especially since I totally baby it :sad:
  13. Wow. That's pretty disturbing to hear. I think they do say that is "normal" and that it comes along with usage. Eek. Was yours made in France or Italy, do you know?

    I don't have a medallion, but now I'm curious.
  14. Only if you let them make you feel that way! (I"m not angry at you; I'm angry for you). Sheana please try for an exchange; this is definitely not normal for a bag that costs $1850.

    I was going back and forth between the Medallion and Cerf and finally chose the Cerf. Glad I did!
  15. It's totally normal for the bottom to become a little saggy with usage. Mines done the same exact thing. It's fine though. The bag still looks great :tup: