Medallion/Grand Shopping Tote or Lady Braid A33303??

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  1. Hi gals...

    Among the above chanel bags...which will be on yr list as 1st/2nd/3rd Choice?:smile:
  2. 1) GST
    2) Medallion
    3) Lady Braid
  3. Same order. Although GST and the Medallion are classic collection and will also be around, I still prefer them over the Lady Braid.

    I think I'm going to get a GST in black with gold hardware this weekend. I will have to see... :idea:
  4. Lady Braid because I have it and love it! :love:
  5. Thks ..girls for yr prompt reply..
  6. That's a big difference in price point. It's also a big difference in style.

    To me the GST and Medalion Totes are more everyday work horses, and the lady braid is more of a "I want to be fabulous" bag.

    So really the question begs: What will you be using the bag for?
  7. Ditto.
  8. I agree about the Lady Braid. Did you see imgg's satchel :heart: :tender:. It's such a stunning bag and it really has a WOW factor to it, so my order would be:

    1. Lady Braid
    2. GST
    3. Medalion
  9. Grand Shopping or Medallion in that order. Functional classic Chanel pieces and the caviar leather allows you to worry less about scratches. Not a fan of the Lady Braid.
  10. medallion tote- I love this bag- have it in pink
    grand shopper- next on the list to get
    lady braid- not a big fan..
  11. my list would go:
    Grand Shopper
    Lady Braid
  12. 1. Medallion Tote - such a great classic look
    2. Grand Shopper - ditto
    3. Lady Braid - too small for me. Otherwise a great bag.
  13. 1. GST
    2. Medallion Tote
    3. Lady Braid
  14. Really appreciate it..Thks girls
  15. i have to vote for the lady braid as i don't really like the big cc's on the medallion and GST.
    for me, it's:
    1) lady braid
    2) GST (i prefer the chain straps than the plain leather ones on the medallion)
    3) medallion
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