Med Whiskey Ediths available...

  1. For everyone who was looking for a medium Whiskey Edith they have quite a few in Harvey Nichols in London...
  2. oh and they do international mail order too..
  3. Do you have a phone number?
  4. hi its -

    020 7235 5000

    you might need to check if calling from abroad - think there will be a prefix
  5. Go chic, go!! :nuts: :biggrin: Hunting down an Edith now is like the movie "It's a mad mad mad world!"
  6. I have never made an international call in my life :amazed:

    I think I need to take a deep breath and re-group :wondering
  7. you are joking?! what about when you are out of the US ringing home?
  8. I confess, I haven't traveled outside of the US. My hubbie and girls have. This is when I stay home and remodel something in the house :lol:
  9. What time is it in London?
  10. 9.30 in the evening....Harvey Nichols will open again at 10am tomorrow morning.

    If you dont want to ring I could go in for you...I live about 5 mins walk away

    I cant imagine never leaving the UK! there are so many places to explore!
  11. If I am still on the prowl, I will call in the morning. Is there a particular SA you like the best? If they have more than one, I need to communicate that I want the one with the most personality and crumple. Will they think I am nutso? :smile:
  12. I dont know their names...they are all good though. No they wont think you are nuts!

    I love your many paddingtons have you got?
  13. Three Paddy Bags :shame: Silly, huh?
  14. nooo lovely bags!

    what colours? I have a 06 chocolate, a 05 blue nuit (prob going to sell)

    Also a Whiskey Edith and a Python Silverado
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