Med. Sig. Ergo . . .

  1. Hi all !
    I have a stupid question, okay, I got my local coach store to agree to let me get my med. sig. ergo on a phone order w/ my pce discount, BUT they only have it in Black and Chocolate, I wanted it in Khaki/Mahogany, they have the Khaki/Mahogany @ Macys, so my question is, IF they have it anywhere else, could they get ahold of it for me, and send it to me ?!?!

    Thanks in advance !!! :smile:
  2. if it's at a department store coach can't do anything about it,

    you can order it but no PCE discount.
  3. the old style # ergos from the spring/summer were khaki/mahogany. You could still get that one, but I'm not sure if the boutique would let you use PCE to order it over the phone.
  4. Some boutiques are nice, mine lets me phone order with the discount - just ask, it never hurts!!!