Med. shoulder Pearl Python, gorgeous!

  1. got this 40% off at Harvey Nichols! i was so excited. i'm just mad that they didnt have a box to keep this safe in :sad: b/c of the python leather, it's sensitive, but still durable. i love this bag!! enjoy! :biggrin:
  2. I love exotic skins! Great bag, very lux. Congrats!
  3. wow thats nuts!! can I ask how much you paid for it?!?!
  4. OMG that is nice! I love python too.. I have a purple Prada Python bag.

    OOhh is Harvey Nicks on sale? Already? Can you tell me if it is the London one? And what else are on sale - which designer bags etc..

  5. Exotics ROCK!! That bag is gorgeous! Enjoy:biggrin:
  6. Woah, that is definitely an exotic bag ! It's fierce !
  7. congrats, the bags is gorgeous!