Med nightingale tote - cocoa

  1. I just bought my first givenchy nightingale; medium cocoa
    I am wondering if I should have gotten the black instead, would love to hear some opinions!

  2. I think with lambskin, the cocoa stands out more, esp with the lovely gradient colors. Must keep!
  3. Is this lambskin? If you have a lot of black bags then keep this one. However I'm bias, I personally feel that nightingale looks the best in black :smile:
  4. Oh wow! I also love black bags but this brown is stunning.
  5. That's a gorgeous colour.
  6. I like this and if you already own black bags then a pop of neutral color won't hurt.

    Congrats and hope you keep it.
  7. This color is nice, I prefer this to the black one, because myself have too many black bags :p
  8. That color is making me want a Nightingale!
  9. It's a great neutral color!! Where did you get it??
  11. NO don't exchange it.. this cocoa is sooo much better and perfect for Fall. :smile: Congrats!!! I've been looking for the right light grey or white forever! Where did you get this one?
  12. back to drool. this color reminds me of the signature color for gucci shopping bags, such a gorgeous and versatile color.
  13. It's a gorgeous colour. I love it. Black is too boring sometimes. This is definitely a keeper.
  14. The colour is very unique. It looks bronze on my monitor. Very lovely. I hope u keep it.
  15. Keep it! It's a beautiful colour