med luxury bowler, 2.55 dark silver, black baby cabas

  1. Hi lovely ladies. I am contemplating to buy either the med luxury bowler, 2.55 reissue dark silver, or black baby cabas.
    Do any of you know the current prices on each of these?
    And which do you think will last (more classic) longer between the luxe bowler and the coco cabas? (we all know the reissue is forever)
    Thanks you all.. you guys rock!
  2. Hi pink - the price for both the reissue and the baby cabas will be different depending on the size that you are looking for.

    If I remember correctly, the dark silver reissue will range from ~$2200 for the small size to $3100 for the 227 size.

    The baby cabas price is also going up in the Fall - ~$1950 for the original baby cabas size and ~$2150 for the new large baby cabas size.
  3. Thank you! I actually want the medium luxury bowler (which I think was priced aroung 2150), Reissue dark silver in 226 and the original baby cabas. Can someone help me verify the prices please?
    Also, which one you guys think will last in the market longer, the bowler or baby cabas?
  4. The medium luxury bowler in patent is $2395 w/o tax in CA
  5. Hmm....I think its a bit harder to find the bowler than the baby cabas. I have both bags, and love them!! The bowler can be dress up and down, the baby cabas is really chic and holds more. So it all depends on what you want~!
  6. it is almost impossible to find a dark silver reissue as the waiting list is so long.

    U might be able to get a baby cabas, i like it too.
  7. thanksss.. Since I have two flaps(the white classic flap and mademoissele) I think I will get either the bowler or the cabas.
    Can anyone help me with providing pics of the interior of both bags? since I see a lot of the exterior pics. I just what to know what it can hold and how it looks like inside. And how many types of leather does each bag comes in? I know bowler comes in goatskin and deerskin. Is there a difference in price for these two? Thank you so muccchhh