Med croc patent and large Pewter Downtown on Bluefly - hurry

  1. both gone
  2. how can you tell that's a med croc? I am so confused with the sizes - do all the stores measure differently since it's a flexible bag? I tried comparing to Saks and NM and both have different measurements for M and L.
  3. pewter's still there
  4. you can tell just by looking at it -- the large is very north-south looking while the medium is more squat. the height of the medium is about 13" and the large is about 16".
  5. I placed the order for the Black Patent Quilted Croc Downtown when I saw this link. I waited impatiently for 5 days and when the box showed up, Bluefly shipped WRONG item! They shipped the buffulo Black leather downtonw....I was so upset and all they can tell me is that they will TRY to locate the bag in their warehouse :hysteric:and offered 10% off on my next purchase. I was so ready to use my downtown and now I ended up with nothing!!!
  6. oh my, that sucks! so sorry to hear that. I know how u feel...