med coral luxury bowler on SALE $1500 at NM!

  1. Its the medium size, coral color (like a blush, salmon color). Perfect condition!! Sale for $1500 ONLY ONE in stock. Hurry!!!!!
  2. OOPSSS its at NM Boston. Ask for Marina or Jill.=)
  3. does it look irl? is it very orangy? oh, also, i'm assuming it's probably calfskin?
  4. It is more peachy.. to me it looks exactly like the color of salmon fish cooked=) ahhaha.. I think it is calfskin.. It is super smoothhh... and I think for 1500.. it is a great deal!
  5. OOOMG! Should I? =X
  6. yes you should!! and did I say its the ONLY ONE left?
  7. wow, great price... too bad I'm not a pink kind of gal. Somebody's gonna snatch this one up real quick!
  8. They only accept amex or nm cards? =(
  9. its actually more peach than pink. Yes they only accept amex or NM. I usually use my check and they are never fuzzy. But if you are not from boston I dont think you can give them the check number. Someone on another thread suggest ordering the bag from vegas NM and then have boston NM ship it to you as vegas accept visa. =)
  10. ^ this bag is GONE. I called and was 2 mins too late, she put it on hold for the person before me. But, I got a second hold on it :smile:

    and FYI, most SAs dont transfer merchandise esp thats on sale.
  11. i want it:yes: does this store do presell?
  12. mylilsnowy- the bag is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. someone else has already purchased it.
  13. thank's loubutin:smile:. I'm to late:push: I'm on a hunt rite now.