Med Carly owners...Does your Strap SQUEAK?

  1. Okay, I feel weird even asking this.
    I purchased 2 sig med carlys this weekend, one is being shipped an done is here.
    The one I have squeaks when I walk. It's the weirdest thing ever!
    Is this normal?
    Will it go away?
    I have a top handle pouch and that didn't I'm worried I have a defective bag. :sad:
  2. It's the rings rubbing up against the new leather. It will go away as the leather loosens up. If it really bothers you put a little leather moisturizer on the rings and then spin them under the leather - it will quiet things down a bit until you break them in.
  3. Mine used to squeak but it stopped with use.
  4. I just got the black med sig Carly last Wednesday and the handle/strap was making a kind of squeaking/cracking sound. But after a couple days its more quiet, today its not making any sounds at all.
  5. Mine sometimes squeaks! I still love the bag!!!
  6. my legacy shoulder squeaked when I first got it, but it has stopped
  7. my large still squeaks...i take it like its trying to tell me that it loves me.
  8. lololol
  9. lol yeah it weirded me out when I first started using it!! But the squeaking will stop with time!
  10. my large still squeaks.
  11. Are you sure you don't have a mouse in your pocket?:graucho:
  12. My large does but not my medium.

  13. Love your new avatar and picture of your doggie - both are so cute!
  14. The leather just has to soften up! Give it time :smile:
  15. Mine still squeaks, but I like it b/c it reminds me of when I used to horseback ride and the stirrups would make the same noise (I'm a freak!).