Med. Carly Khaki/Gold at Macy's?

  1. Help ladies.

    I want to order this during the F&F at Macy's but I don't see this color listed on the website.

    I was going to do like handbagashley and called Coach and get the upc number to see if I can order it, but I called and they said it's too late I'd have to call back tomorrow.

    I just wanted to know if any of you ladies have seen this color combo at your Macy's?

    I have the top handle pouch in the combo and I adore it.
    I think I'm ready for something a little bigger.

    TIA =)
  2. WOW. 20 views and no replies?
  3. Hey there! I have not seen that color/combo at my Macys. I saw the brown, black & multi stripe. That's it. My Dillards had the baby blue stripe. I hope you find one!
    Did you ASK if they have any...sometimes they have extra stuff in the back or in cabinets/drawers.
  4. I have seen the kahki gold at Macy's in a demi.
  5. I haven't seen the khaki/gold at Macy's nor Lord & Taylor. Macy's mainly had black leather and canvas Carly's.
  6. i saw one at the Macy's near me. Alot of them are probably being held for pre-sale, since the presale for F&F started last Tuesday. call around! you might find one.
  7. They probably just viewed to see if they could help but had none to offer. I hope you get the help you need soon! I would check my Macy's but I haven't left campus in awhile, finals are this week :sad: