Med blush patent flap or light silver reissue 226

  1. So i have both purses, and have to tell myself you can only have one. So my questions is which one? I am leaning towards the blush patent. There are things I love about both bags...but am looking for the most versatile.

    I worry that the light silver with the reissue chain, maybe to dressy for every day, and a bit too blingy.

    While I feel the blush maybe a bit more demure but not dressy enough for those really fancy events.

    I wish I could keep both....but its one or the other.

    I think because they are both not as practical day time bags, with the limitation on space, that I should only keep one.
  2. i would keep the medium blush patent flap...I think the light silver reissue will be coming back for more seasons so there will be more chances for you to buy that bag later. Also, i think the blush flap is more versatile
  3. blush patent flap! :tup:
  4. Hey shmoo88, so you find the light silver 226. Thanks for helping me earlier about the 225. I didn't call Indra as I try to avoid sales tax. :p ok, back to topic...if you think the light silver is too bling-bling, then go with the blush patent then. Trust you first impression on these bags, which one is better & has no reason for not getting?
  5. I say keep the reissue - I'd worry about the blush patent eventually turning yellow.
  6. I prefer the classic closure with the CC's. Also because its patent and a subtle pale pink that it is able to be very easily dressed up. I personally like the blush patent more.
  7. Has anyone's blush patent flaps turned yellow? Its this a common problem?

    Someone else to told me that i should worry about metallics as the color, mostly in the light silver may rub off?
  8. the blush patent is very pretty. I vote to keep it.
  9. I think if you take care of the bag reasonably well and avoid exposing it to strong sunlight, the blush patent should hold up nicely. I was worried about the yellowing issue before I got mine, but after seeing the bag in person I really think this color can last well, as it's not that light at all.
  10. blush patent...the colour is fabulously gorgeous..
  11. I am not crazy about the light silver reissues, not to be rude but they remind me tin foil....I have the blush patent and it goes with everything! I think the blush is very versatile and timeless!
  12. LOL...that is exactly what my boyfriend said the minute I showed him the light silver. He asked if he imediately ran to the kitchen, grabbed our tinfoil and told me he's sell it for a low price of $1500K.:p
  13. My vote is for the medium blush patent flap! In the reissue, I prefer the dark silver color because it is more subdued. I personally can't pull of bags that are too metallic. Let us know what you decide! :yes:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  14. Blush patent flap! I really really love that bag- if I ever run into it, I'm buying it- the color is tdf!
  15. They are both great but I think I would keep the medium blush patent flap.