Med Belly Veneta vs Large Veneta


Sep 26, 2011
in my bag world
I have a medium belly veneta on the way to me (waiting..waiting...) and I'm thinking to sell my large classic veneta away.
What do you think?:P:P

I will use the bag as an everyday bag. Most of the days, I will only carry: wallet, coin pouch, work I.D., tissues, and a small make up case.

Do you think the medium belly veneta will be more practical?
Sometimes, I feel that my large classic is too big for me.

Please share your opinions and experiences!
Thank you!!


Mar 28, 2009
Margate, NJ
I have a large belly
I love it
carry it everyday
in it i carry zip around wallet, med cosmetic, document case, celly, celly charger, misc junk and a book
always a book
even a hard back fits in
the large is equivalent to the maxi veneta
If you think your large is too big for you....then it is.
handbags are a personal choice so it is just a matter of what you think
I think the med belly will be your workhorse