Mebane, NC Outlet

  1. I went to this store this am and they had some poppy chan pinky heart Pom Pom key fobs for $19! I was so excited to find it!
  2. LUCKY!!
    Altho I want the enamel one more, I'd take this for sure :lol:
  3. Oh I would have DIED if I found an enamel one!!!
  4. Went to Mebane yesterday to do a charge send...surprisingly they had some deletes

    Hampton Straw tote python trim
    Hampton straw tote applique
    Bib Lindsey
    Parchment sophia (I think that's what its called the one that has the zipper in front)
    Floral sophia
    Op Art Audrey cinch totes
    Large brown op art sophias

    Some left over kristins
  5. May I ask who you talked to about your charge send? They told me no. I just want to talk to the right person!

  6. They have said No to me before. This time I spoke to Lela.
  7. Has anyone been recently? I'm thinking of making a trip tomorrow....
  8. Has anyone been lately?
  9. Has anyone been this week? Debating a trip to either here or Myrtle Beach tomm... Will post what I find....
  10. I was there today visiting the area. Let me know if you are looking for something and ill let you know if I saw it!
  11. Any updates??
  12. Has any one been lately? I'm planning a road trip tomm... Thanks!
  13. has anyone been to here or Smithfield lately? Planning a trip next Wednesday....

  14. they have good deletes.
    gal on TPF when Thursday
  15. I have better luck at Smithfield with deletes than mebane Smithfield had quite a few high end deletes on Wednesday. Pink pearl Carrie, slate python Laila (on clearance) and black amelia. Table full of zebra candace and duffle Saff totes and I was told more came in did not ask what colors but they had one ew vermillion, honeybee, camel and white/brown And most of the other bags ppl have posted at their outlets Not a lot of accessories Not sure what will be left by Wednesday but if I stop in before then I will update.