Meat Packing District in NYC - YUCK!!!!

  1. My hubby is a native NY'ker. We've both worked in Soho but we moved to Miami 5 years ago. He occasionally goes back up to NYC for business and this past weekend I accompanied him. We went to meet some friends down at Level 5 for drinks in the Meat Packing District. I loved the cobblestone streets, the location....but I HATED the area and the people!

    It was littered with trashy 20 something-year-olds puking on the street, passed out against was terrible. :sad: And mind you I'm 25 so this behavior is not stereotypical of 20 somethings...just these particular 20 somethings! My favorite restaurant (back when I lived in NYC) Spice Market was in the middle of this mess. It was really disheartening. The people were extra rude too! While walking on the street my husband said "excuse me" as he was walking by a couple and the guy stood where he was and said, "I'm not moving". One time my girlfriend bumped into a girl on the street and the girl went crazy on her. I don't think I've seen my hubby with his jaw clenched more often than last night! The couple behind us said, "You must not be from here. One, you are walking too slow and two you actually said "excuse me!" We looked at him and, we are from here...but I guess we've just acquired manners! But this kind of rudeness isn't prevalent in all of NYC...just the Meat Packing District!!!

    One of the great things about NYC nightlife is the fact that all of the lounges were littered across the city and they were "hidden". I think the Meat Packing district encourages a Key West mentality by lining the bars up one after the other. It encourages people to litter the streets and act very debaucherous. It is a very classless area. Never again! :yucky:
  2. Wow... I'm sorry to hear you had sch a bad time there. I loved the Meat Packing district while I was there- I had a great experience there... but that is just me... You might have seen my parents! They are in NYC right now and ate at Spice Market the other night!
  3. Megs, I'm hoping it was due to the fact that it was Labor Day Weekend and a Saturday. It just seems like the area is turning very Girls-Gone-Wild area. The two NYC girls who went missing (and eventually found murdered) had actually both started out partying at the Meat Packing District. :sad: Like I mentioned, I don't want it to be that way...especially since Spice Market, my favorite restuarant, is down there.:s
  4. Those girls who went missing were both from the suburbs -- NJ and LI, I believe. And I believe they were partying in Chelsea, not the Meatpacking district. In any event, I love it down there and I have never encountered anything like you describe anywhere in the city, not even when I was a college student here, partying like a fool. I think you were just unlucky.
  5. Im sorry you had such a frustrating experience!! I love treating other with respect and when someone is blatantly rude to me for no reason it always takes me off guard! This happened to me in San Diego this summer..this guy walked straight into me...almost knocking me over and it hurt!!! He was so rude I was acually STUNNED!! To your comment about Key west...Im a local here and while yes there are many after another...we do not encourage anyone to ever litter or make out little island dirty!!! There is a heavy party atmospere on certain parts of Duval...but people here are nice...and very kind. Its an easy going way of life The last time I was in New York I could not wait to come back here...there is no comparison! I had to spread some love for Key west...I love this town. :heart:
  6. I went to NY about 4 years ago, and I am a very social and friendly person, I was on the subway, and this girl next to me was carrying a LV Pink Blossom Speedy, I told her I LOVED it and I asked her where she got it??

    She rudlely did not answer me,smirked, and ignored me. I was kinda confused because I wasn't expecting that at all.

    I guess people are a little more different than other places!

    I felt offended and wanted to throw my water bottle at her head after we got off.

  7. Ugh I live in the West Village right by Hotel Gansevoort. Total nightmare. I know what you mean. And I'm 24. Their just so overindulged w/drugs over there.
  8. MP district on weekend after 1am is totally overcrowded w/pretentious overindulgent, drunk 20-somethings. :cursing: It really is disgusting, especially summertime.

    To be fair many areas where there are clubs in NYC have this type of nonsense during the wee hours on weekends.
  9. Hotel Gasenvoort is practically the center of MPD :amuse: Love O Bar and Ono!!

    NYC always has so much going on.. you are bound to be by rowdy people, rude people etc- there are just so many people you can't avoid it. But there are VERY nice people there too!
  10. MPD is one of my least favorite places to hang out. I was at a few places a couple of weeks ago with a girlfriend and we were pushed, elbowed, stepped on and jostled by so many people that I was terribly frustrated at the end of the night. Only one person said excuse me after he bumped into me and I had to poke a guy to get off my foot.
    That said, I went to a VMA-related party last week and I had to tell a guy to stop leaning on me because I wasn't a wall and I asked another fellow to stop screaming in my friend's face.
  11. Is that around the Chelsea Market near Food Network headquarters? We were there in March for a taping, and then went out to a wonderful meal. I thought it looked really nice, not like NYC at all since there were no skyscrapers, but it was really nice anyway, and the Chelsea market became one of my favorite places to see and shop!
  12. Sorry you experienced that LG.

    Usually Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays (when there's a holiday on Monday) are called Bridge and tunnel nights... so you get everything out side of NYC :yucky: which can be a bad thing!!!!

    The MP and the Chelsea area (around 27th and 10th ave) are really cool to hang out during Sundays through Thursday.
  13. Maybe she didn't speak english? Thats a very weird reaction.