1. Can anyone tell me the sizes and measurments (and also what colours it is available in) that ashlee's bag comes in. I really love it and fancy getting it as a late birthday present.



  2. According to the B-Bible Atelier Naff:love: :
    Here are the Quilted in the 2 sizes...

    I suppose Ashley has the smaller but not sure.
    I think they are available in black , brown, red ... and all the the new SS07 colours.

    SMALL PADDED €1275
    (8.5"h x 12.25"w x 7"d)
    LARGE PADDED €1475
    (9.75"h x 15.75"w x 7"d)
  3. Thanx :smile:
  4. Ashlee's is the small one. You should really get one. I have the small one and REALLY LOVE IT, maybe even more than my moto bbags! It is actually fairly big and roomy. It holds a lot, maybe as much as a city. I can't wait to see this bag in next season's colors IRL!