Measurements of your Evelyne - Please

  1. Alright folks!! After what seems like years of oohhhing and aahhhing aka "lurking" but not posting, I am taking the leap.

    Am heading to Paris in March and am thinking of purchasing an Evelyne shoulder bag. Would Evelyne owners be so kind as to tell me which Evelyne you have and what are its measurements? Got some great views from the pics thread but it's still a little hard to tell actual size.

  2. Hello Valencia,
    I believe the PM is 11X11" and the GM is 12x11"ish but looks significantly larger when placed next to the PM . The one with the outside pocket (Evelyne 2) will add another inch or so to the depth. Many people rave about this outside pocket.

    Best of luck on your search!
  3. Valencia,

    Welcome to tPF! Attached are pictures of my Evelyne GM 2 when it was just out of the box. (I just figured out how to post pictures, I am very excited! :yahoo:) It is 12" x 12" and about 3 1/2" deep, not including the back pocket which definitely adds extra depth. I bought my bag in Paris - they have a great selection of colors in all sizes, mostly in Clemence.

    Have a great trip and have fun shopping for your Evelyne!
    CIMG2446x.JPG CIMG2450x.JPG
  4. Mine is packed away right now but here are some Evelyne threads that might be helpful. Not sure if you've seen them or not. I have a PM2... with the outside pocket. It holds a ton of stuff. The only thing is if you want to carry a magazine and be able to snap shut, you should get the GM. Even so, I have carried magazines just wasn't able to snap the strap shut, which really wasn't that big of problem. I really love my Evelyne!
  5. Thanks folks for your replies. I'll take a look at the other threads to get info you haven't already shared with me. This site is a treasure trove of info almost like a Consumer Reports for handbags.:tup: