Measurements of the Ritz

  1. Hi gals,
    Far as I know, the ritz comes in two sizes..
    Kis and Allinthebag have the larger size and pmed them to add dimensions (thanks in advance, Kis + Jules).
    I now have the smaller is smaller but not small:P .
    Here is the style, price and size of the small one. I will also post it in the reference library but am not sure what category to put it in yet....
    style A33469Y04322 price $2425..Bag measure 12x7x6.
    baby ritz 001_1.jpg baby ritz 003_1.jpg baby ritz 005_1.jpg ritz 002_1.jpg
  2. ^^For reference, i am 5'2" and about a size 2 (note, poofyness around belly is really due to shirt, not belly :smile:)
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Thanks for this info Stacy. I'm also 5'2"

    I've ordered this bag (same as yours) and should have it on Monday. I'm so excited.:yahoo:
  4. ^^^I really think you will love it....and I am giving the d*mn shirt to charity now that i keep looking at the pictures :smile:
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I am sure your preferred charity must love you!!

    I cannot get enough of your bag! Amazing!
  6. Thanks Cyprus!
    I just got a message from Jules and the large version measures 14.75" Across by 8" H by 7"W so actually the size variance is not that sizable...
  7. hihi, oops I think you guys got the measurements already, but it's about 37cm x 15cm x 18cm (sorry my poor 15cm ruler has no inch equivalent )

    That's L x H x W btw :smile:

    weirdly, my W is bigger than H.. I think it's cuz the bag is stuffed :smile:
  8. Oh Smooth, Congrats!!! I am feeling left out - lol.
  9. Thanks Michele. I'll be eating Macaroni & Cheese for the next six months.:wtf:
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^

    It's worth it!!!!!
  11. I tried on both sizes last night -- they are gorgeous!
  12. i talked my father into getting my mom the big size for her X-mas gift. i'm picking it up tomorrow and will post pics. I have to say I think this is the hottest bag i have ever seen!!!!! just LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    congrats on yours. It looks sooooo good on you!!!!:love:
  13. My only question is whether when your stuff is in it, does it seem too wide to smoosh against your body? It is wider (deeper?) than any other Chanel bag I have tried, and in the store they had it stuffed w/paper.
  14. Toni, I'll probably carry this bag slightly behind me instead of underneath my arm, kwim?
  15. Here she is fully stuffed--worn like Mon suggests. I can't get enough of this bag..I'll keep sending you pix until you can't resist it anymore!!:supacool:
    blk cash 002.jpg
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