Measurements of the lg Chloe Betty $1970

  1. I am so super confused. Not sure if I ordered the correct bag or not. Anyone know the measurements?
  2. from what I hear... there is only a small and a med. The med is suppose to be the larger size. Maybe the pic with carmen electra below is the med and the other one is a sm?



  3. yep that's right
  4. where did you get the 70% off betty from?
  5. I found a number on one of the deals and steals links. It was a store in California. Let me check for you.
  6. Can you please get us the phone number? Thanks!
  7. there are actually 3 sizes of betty. I bought the small and the large and I found out there was a medium. the small retailed for $1500 and has two pockets on both sides like the large and the medium retailed for $1800 and has two pockets on one side and a long horizontal pocket on the other side. and the large has two pockets on both sides like the small and retailed for $1910. Saks had the bettys on 70% so Nordstrom was price matching. All you have to do is call several Nordstroms and see if you can find one or have your sa do a search for you. Mine just found me a small brown and a small ivory each for 70% off so I got them for $450 each.
  8. Do you know if the one Carmen Electra is carrying is a med or a large? I love that size! Tia
  9. I tried that over the past few days. The are ALL GONE from Nordstrom and SAKS. They both said none available. I called every saks and almost every Nordies.

  10. so Carmen's bag is the Medium, I've been so confused b/c it looks bigger than the small and not quite as big as the Large AND I saw her in another picture carrying it with the side with the long zipper pocket showing, so according to this explanation it must be the medium and that makes sense looking at the size.......
  11. If the one w/ carmen up top is a med...what size is the one the girl is carrying underneath her? I thought the tan one was the MEd. If they are both the same size how come the distance between the two pockets and where the straps start are so much further apart between the two bags? I'm confuses.
  12. I don't know, I'm a little confused toooooooooo, I saw a picture of Carmen with a black Betty on her shoulder that had the long pocket, but it also didn't look as big (may just be the phota though), maybe she has the same bag in two sizes??? In which case that would make the one she's carrying the large??? It's too big to be the smaller one....I have the large, or at least that's what the store told me it was.....and it seems much bigger than the two above. I think maybe last season they made only two sizes, one being the chamois color above as the smaller size and mine as the larger size. Now for the fall maybe they are making three sizes and made a medium to have the long pocket so it's now a little taller.......