measurements of cell case?

  1. does anyone have the measurements of the chanel cambon cell case? or just a regular one from another line..i want to buy one for my friend to maybe put her new "chocolate" in. The chocolate is about 1.93 wide x 3.86 height. Also, do you know around the price?

    thanks :smile:
  2. does anyone know? :girlsigh:
  3. The cambon cell case: 41/2 in x 3 in x 1.2 in

    Cell case in pic: 5 in x 31/2 in x .4 in

    I have a razr phone and it fits into both comfortably.
    phone1.jpg phone2.jpg
  4. thank you!!:yes::heart:

    unofortunately, i think they are too big. :crybaby:
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