Measurements for new Damier tote: Hampstead

  1. I finally saw the look book in person this evening. Nothing really appealed to me except for the new Damier tote called the Hampstead available April 1st.

    Hampstead looks similar to a Batignolles but has adjustable straps, leather corners on the bag, and the gold rectangular plate on the front of the bag. The Hampstead seems to be a vertical bag compared to the Batignolles Horizontal.

    Measurements/prices in inches US dollars per look book:

    Hampstead (Damier):
    GM 14.6" x 13" x 8" / $1,200

    MM 14.2" x 11.4" x 6.7" / $1,050

    PM 12" x 9.4" x 6.7" / $ 870

    Measurement/prices in inches & US dollars per for comparison:

    Batignolles: 10.2" x 9" x 5.5" / $705

    Bagignolles Horizontal: 15.3" x 9" x 5.5" / $815

    Batignolles Vertical: 13.4" x 11.8" x 5.5" / $815

    I'm interested in the GM & MM and had my SA put me down on the waitlist.

    Can't wait until April 1st!!! :yahoo:
  2. Thanks for the info. Is it open top or zipper top?:rolleyes:
  3. Hampstead is open top with a cell phone pocket and inside zipper pocket and the little hook to close the top of the bag (same exact features in the Batignolles).
  4. I am so in love with the GM :smile: I am so glad I waiting and didn't give into my Saleya and chelsea thoughts!
  5. :wtf: my love revisited??

    according to the size, it's pretty much like an SO batig!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: do u know whether the PM is a handheld or not? *fingers crossed again*

    rolled or flat handles? *fingers crossed for flat*

    do i need to be on the wait list??????????????????????
  6. OMG!!!! I don't even need to see it to know I want one! :drool:
  7. It sounds nice.
  8. Is there anywhere we can take a peek/more info about the bag? :shrugs:
  9. YAY! Are you feelin' the LV :heart: again?!? :yahoo:

    Laura--Thank you! Sounds terrific to me! I'll have to try it on IRL to be able to pick the best size for me...
    Did you see the Sporty too? What did you think of that bag?
  10. Are there pic's of this bag ?

  11. I think the PM is also a shoulder bag!:yes:
  12. Thanks so much for all of the info!! I can't wait to see it. I wish it were a zipper top like the Saleya though and not open.. Sounds pretty.
  13. :graucho:

    can't imagine what the snap closure is like...
    its not the koala style right

  14. i think they said hook closure, like the Batignolles line....
  15. it is the gold clasp like the batignoilles yes