Measurement of baby versus grande cabas

  1. Can someone provide the measurements of each bag. Would love a cabas but my back is beyond repair so I'm not toting a lot of extras. The denim that is coming out is only made in the large size. When I asked the SA at the boutique about them, she said the baby is no longer available and the wait list is 20 people deep. She went on to say the cabas is like a large garbage bag. Is it me or is that an odd analogy, especially from someone working for Chanel?
  2. I have heard it compared to a garbage bag before lol. Yeah, if I was trying to sell you something I don't think it would be the best sales strategy comparing it to a large garbage bag.:p
  3. oooh, i love the large garbage bag! :p
    i think the coco cabas itself is pretty light! as long as u don't fill 'em tons :yes:
    personally i don't like the baby cabas because i don't think it proportionally right for me.
    i think the coco cabas designed is meant for bigger proportion bag
  4. I have the black leather cabas - lengthwise it is a little over 17", height - at the middle of the bag not the higher edges is almost 12", width is 71/2" - but it kind of scrunches when you hold, it wear it, so it doesn't seem that wide . . . the bag is heavier than I imagined, but it seems the weight is more in the chains? I think people said the vinyl is lighter? Maybe the baby is better for you. Always put your name down even at more places if you can - you never know people do change their minds or have their names on multiple lists at mulitiple stores. You never know.
  5. Thanks for the measurements. The baby one sounds like it might be doable. Am disappointed the summer denim is only made in the large.