Measurement difference between a scarf

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  1. and a pochette?

    I hope this has not been asked before. :shrugs: Thanks in advance. Cheers
  2. Silk twill scarves...... 36 in x 36 in
    silk twill pochettes...... 16 in x 16 in
  3. A pochette is a 1/4 of the size of a scarf.
  4. Thanks to both.
  5. There's a new size scarf too, about 70cm 27-28 inches square. It's a limited edition and I have one in what sounded like "soie de scarabe" It is a plain colour but made of 2 colours combined so you get a hint of colour change on the folds and drapes, the 'scarabe' bit I think refers to the 2-tone shiny effect on the back of a shiny scarab beetle! I have seen ties in this silk too. It's been a useful size for times when the the carre feels too big and the pochette too small.